Research Ethics and Integrity

Research, in all domains, is an important activity of every human society and represents a major commitment on the part of the various people involved, whether in the public or private sector. Research results constitute the basis for political and technical decisions, both at government level and in the private sector. Consequently, it is essential that the research itself be conducted with integrity, in a responsible manner and in accordance with high ethical standards.

The Directive concerning research integrity and good scientific practice at EPFL defines the rules, based on long experience, that apply to EPFL researchers in all disciplines. These rules are primarily intended to serve as a basis for the planning, execution, presentation and evaluation of research work at EPFL. The commitment to total integrity is also set out in EPFL’s Ethics Charter.

This web-site has been created to offer guidance on Research Ethics. On this site you can find information on when and how to apply for ethical approval and authorizations, application processes, policies, legislation, guidelines, etc.