HREC Members

Aberer Karl, Full Professor, School of Computer and Communication Sciences, EPFL.
Barazzetti Gaia, PhD, Institute of Humanities in Medicine, UNIL-CHUV & Science-Society Interface, UNIL. Member of the EPFL Research Ethics Committee.
Benaroyo Lazare, Associate Professor, Faculty of Biology and Medicine, UNIL, Assurance, and President of Ethos – Interdisciplinary ethics platform, UNIL.
Hamidovic David, Full Professor and Vice-dean in charge of Research at the Faculty of Theology and Sciences of Religion (FTSR), UNIL.
Pralong William, MD, Adjunct Professor and Deputy to the Presidency-Secretary General, for Accreditation and Quality Assurance at EPFL.
Randin Sylvie, Legal counsel, EPFL.
Severin Kay, Full Professor School of Basic Sciences, President of the Research Commission, Chair of the HREC.