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Access to GrantsDB

To obtain a new access:
1. Download the privacy policy
2. Complete and sign the document (one charter per unit / laboratory)
3. Return the paper version to the Research Office (BI A2 418, Station 7).

To change your access rights for GrantsDB (continued unit / laboratory or other changes):
Please send an e-mail to Research Office
indicating the changes to be made.

When and What type of projects should be registered on GrantsDB ?

All research projects linked with the VPR (Vice-Presidency for Research) have to be registered on the database:

  • industrial projects: directly registered by the TTO team
  • other projects (non-profit entities): have to be registered by the units/laboratories themselves,
    at the time of the submission and independently of the requested funding.

For SNSF projects submitted by EPFL researchers (as main applicant), see the step-by-step description on how to do it – in french only.

List of available statuses for projects managed by ReO

List of available statuses for the projects managed by the Research Office.

How to obtain your fund number(s) ?

The registration of a positive decision will initiate the process of treating the file (notably the proposal and contractual documents).

We will ask the EPFL PI (Principal Investigator) to finalise the self-assessment (ethical compliance), on the “Detail” tab of the proposal on GrantsDB – click on “Modify” to update this part.

Once the grant is validated, the service concerned validates the funding and an automatic mail is sent to the group managing the funds/VPFI.

This group will then communicate the fund number(s) to use by e-mail, as well as other useful information depending on the funding body.

Breakdown of the budget

When a grant involves more than one beneficiary (several entities at EPFL and/or outside from EPFL), the VPFI needs to know the distribution of the available budget in order to open the new fund(s).

Here are the excel templates you can use, depending on the funding scheme:

Interface between MySNF and GrantsDB

(only for EPFL researchers as main applicants)

From October 1st, 2016, an interface between MySNF and GrantsDB is introduced and the Research Office will automatically receive and register the SNSF positive decision letters on GrantsDB.

You will have to validate the effective starting date of your project on GrantsDB, so that the Research Office can initiate the procedure in order to open the new fund(s). Step-by-step description on how to do it (in french only).

New process for ethical compliance

As a result of the increased attention for ethical compliance, a new internal process to support the assessment and management of ethics compliance has been implemented. This also includes first steps to be compliant with the new EU Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) which entered into force on 25 May 2018.

Concretely, what are the changes on GrantsDB for the units/labs?

  • When uploading a new proposal, you will see a list of questions (ethics self-declaration):

The Principle Investigator (PI) should answer “yes” or “no” in reply to these questions.

If the information is not yet available at this stage, you can answer “I don’t know”. Please note that for some funding bodies (e.g. FNS, H2020, the ethics information is included in the application package/form).

At any time, you can change/update the answers to the ethics questions. If the project is granted, the answers to the ethics questions are mandatory.

As soon as you have received the ethical authorisations for the project, you will have to download it on GrantsDB – see the tab «Documents», «Ethical Clearance»

  • The Research Office or the Equipment Centers Management Office (depending on the funding body for the project) will follow-up on potential ethical issues with the tab “Reporting deadlines“.
    The units/labs will automatically receive an e-mail reminder 45 days before the deadline of an ethics deliverable (e.g. an authorisation that is requested for animal experiments that will only take place in the last year of the project).

Help forums for GrantsDB users

Regular help forums take place (registration is not necessary). More information

Online Help

Tooltips will help you to fill in the different fields on GrantsDB.

If you select “Online Help” in the Navigation Menu, you will see the “manuel de l’utilisateur” (in french only), depending on the page for which support is needed.

Training courses

Training courses are regularly set up for the users. See the next sessions on the website of the Staff Training Service (STS – Trainings Portal – EPFL training).