Open Science

Open Access

Open access (OA) is the free and immediate online availability of scientific outputs without any financial barriers (access fees) and legal barriers (copyright and license restrictions). Open Access may be achieved by two ways: the Green Road (self-archiving in an institutional or discipline-specific repository after an embargo period) or the Gold Road (publication in an Open Access journal).

Funding agencies have specific requirements on Open Access to publications:

  • The SNSF requests grantees to make the results of the research accessible to the public either with the Green option or the Gold way in an OA journal.
  • The European Commission, in the framework of Horizon 2020 program (including ERC grants), requires each beneficiary to ensure Open Access to all funded publications by one of the two ways to OA.

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Open Research Data

Good data management is an essential part of the research process, and contributes to guarantee integrity, transparency and reproducibility of research. Planning the management of research data before starting a new project allows anticipating the measures to put in place at any stage of the data life cycle and their related costs. The Data Management Plan is the tool that helps to formalize this process.

Increasingly, funding agencies have specific requirements on research data:

  • Starting in October 2017, the SNSF requests researchers to provide a Data Management Plan with the grant application, and to share the research data underlying their publications in a public data repository.
  • The European Commission, in the framework of Horizon 2020 program (including ERC grants), requires a DMP as a deliverable for every funded project. Moreover, data underlying publications must be deposited in a repository, and made accessible and exploitable by third parties.

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